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couch potato

When SO and I bought our house in 2009 we felt we needed a new couch as what we had was not perfect. So we went and had a look around Advertisements

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Walking into childhood books

Books can be amazing friends when a child grows up. I think the books read can really influence a person whilst growing up. This is even more the case at that lovely age where puberty hits and you try to … Continue reading

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Well in that case

We had a reasonably easygoing weekend. On Saturday we did a test drive for a car SO is considering. It is just something that needed to be done and took a lot longer than expected. In part because we had … Continue reading

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Today I walked to and from work. I do that on a regular basis and I love it. It takes just under an hour each way and it clears my head, either from sleep or from work.

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my little corner of the world

This weekend was easy going and nothing much doing. Ok so I baked two breads (one wonderful) and we went into the dangerous blue and yellow place around the corner.

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Easy weekend

Well I did not get round to sewing. But we did buy new dining room chairs. They were the first where both SO and I felt comfortable with from the second we sat down Ours are black/dark grey and it … Continue reading

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Lost in database translation

Today I was scary, well at least to some. I was sooooooo utterly angry. What happened? Well we have some issues with our central heating system. This we of course did not discover until it was cold. It started with … Continue reading

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Back to some level of normality

Our kitchen is nearly finished now. Just a few details left to do, painting, one hose for the freezer and finishing the range hood. It is wonderful. Over the top A dream kitchen to be sure. Also rather on the … Continue reading

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I don’t want to be camping anymore

Kitchen is installed, for the most part, that is. We have a working fridge and working ovens (2). Freezer is in place but not working yet as water still needs to be taken to it (for the icecube maker) The … Continue reading

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Kitchen removal

The kitchen is out. It was somewhat more drama than we’d anticipated. We knew this week was going to be weird with SO on a course in town but needing to be in class at 8am and, as it turns … Continue reading

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